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» Floor standing refrigerated centrifuge for separation of components from whole

» Fully automatic withtouch screen

» Centrifuge motor Brush less Induction motor

» Program able memory with tamper proof facility
Predefined program and parameter stored in the memory

+ Stable, sturdy all-steel design with stainless steel rotor chamber, easy to clean,
corrosion resistant paintings, provision of both drain and condensed water collection

» Automatic lid lock


+ Swing- out buckets, swing-out rotors with metal buckets, with or without wind
shielded, suitable adapters for 6/8/12 blood bags with SAGM bag and empty satellite
bags with in line filter system and, removable plastics cups to hold single/double/triple
blood bags etc.

» Temperature control, range: – 20 C to +40 ¢ in 0.1 C increment, with micro processor
controlled rotor temperature with 0.1 Cregardless of centrifuge speed.

« Digital display( real time and set target) of temperature, speed, acceleration time,
deceleration time , real time and processing RCF with minimum no. of 3 digit

= Programmable time: 0 minute to 99 hours with minimum resolution of 0.1 minute
+ Speed Force and other things

+ Maximum speed 4500 rpm

+ Maximum RCF (Relative centrifugal force) for blood bags: 6500g

+ Acceleration and declaration profiles are independently adjustable with nine brake


levels and option for free coasting.

+ Motor Imbalance detection, automatic shutdown of centrifuge if rotor load is out of
balance with appropriate indicator. Motion sensors drives unbalance detection. Soft
touch emergency stop.

» Protection & alarm, in event of power interruption or complete failure, data remain
stored in memory. Password Protection to prevent unintentional switch off and also
unauthorized opening of the equipment.

= Alarms forimbalance detection, lid interlock, over temperature, rotor over speed.
« Manufacturing Unit compliant with ISO 9001: 2015, WHO-GMP, and CE.

« Power supply, compatible with 220V to 240V, 50 Hz. Single phase A.C.

« High Voltage protector, available for 160V to 260V voltage fluctuation.

“Rce | Ros | Roz |
Capacty 6 bags 8 bags 12 bags
Compatibility with bags ~~ single, double, triple single, double, triple single, double, triple
Bucket type and number Single*6 Double *4 Double * 6
Starting/running amps. 10A/7A 10A/7A 10A/8A

Chamber dia. * height ~~ 25.6″ 10.6″ 26.5″ 10,6″ 26.7″% 10.6″
External dimensions 31m*40″*33″ 31″%40″*33,6″ 31″%41.6″*33.6″
Temperature Utility -10C to 40C -10C* to 40 C -10c to 40 C


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