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Blood Bag Tube Sealer



Product features: blood bag tube sealer to seal tubing of PVC bags and provide
hermetic seak on plastic tubing containing blood without causing haemolysis.
Plastic tubing sealed and able to separate by pulling apart without leakage of blood.

+ Lightweight, portable has a compact = Adapts to different tube sizes.

design. « Tube is easily pulled apart to seprate seal
+ Automatically Triggers sealing with the ends.

help of sensor. « With sophisticated sensors which
» LED indicator lamps for system ready and automatically adjust the sealing time as per

sealing. the tube size and thickness.

« Short sealing time.

+ Easy sepration of tube Sytem.
+ No compressed air SPECIFICATION


170-240V AC, 50 Hz 3A

+ No warm up time. Sealing Suitability/applicability =~ Blood Bag Tube
+ User friendly with 0.5- 2Sec
ergonomical design. RF output Frequency 40.68 Mhz

» Easily creates hermetic 4A main supply AC

snap_apartseals,user friendly. Mechanical size W+3.4″ H=b8.2″ L=12.9″

+ No RF cable required.

Approx= 4.7 kg (with Battery)


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