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Ultra Deep Freezers



4.3″ Touch Screenfor monitoring and controlling the temperature of the equipment.
Inkless & Paperless smart chart recoding system with 7 days charts storage capacity.
Digital circular chart can be downloaded from the controller by using pen drive*
Audio Visual Alarmif the temperature deviates from the presettemperature

External Housing made from galvanized sheet (rust proof) of 18 SWG, with anti-
scratch powder coating. Length of power cable, approx2 m.

Lockable Castor wheels to lock the equipment in place without moving.

Interior made from 304 grade 22 SWG stainless steel.


Interior consist of five drawers with stop.

= Trays Specially designed Stainless Steel Plasma basket.

« Door stop on the right-hand side to stop the door from opening more than 100-110

« Frontdoor extra PUFinsulated to prevent temperature loss.

Warning Function with visual and audible alarm signal Inthe case of power failure,
temperature deviations, voltage fluctuation door left open (after 60 seconds).

= Battery backup” for up to 36 hours for temperature and chart recording system.

= Ventilation- enforced refrigerating machine, vibration free, hermetically sealed,
energy saving, low noise, easy to services. Inlet air and exhaust air flow through the
ventilation slits at the front and the back.


= Low- noise compressor reduces noise to a negligible range.

« Air circulation Motor & blower arrangement to have uniformity of temperature
under loaded condition.

165Litres 325 Litres 525 Litres
-86C -86C -86C
220-240 V, 50 Hz 220-240 V, 50 Hz 220-240 V, 50Hz

34″*33″*72″(inches) 38″*38″*72″(inches) 44″*44*78″( inches)
21″*%20″*30″(inches) 25″%25″*%30″ {inches) 31″*30″*36″(inches)

17A/6A 17A/7A 17A/7A
100 mm 100 mm 100 mm
16 hours 18 hours 20 hours
4 hours 5 hours 6 hours
+4C + 4C +4C

*Supported capacity for pen drive is capped at 4 GB

# It is the maximum temperature difference between different parts of interior wn
ABattery backup is not Provided for the equipment. []
This picture is for visual purpose only, actual colours may vary. | /


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