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Blood Collection Monitor



Is a “microcontroller” based system which collect, monitorsand mixes the
blood with anti-coagulant in the blood bags. Itis light and easy to operate.

User friendly menu for easy and quick operation.

Light weightand compact

Easily removable magnetic coupled tray for cleaning

Pinching Motorized pinching at the end of collection

Digital display to show the weight, volume and elapsed time of blood donation.
Taring of bag volume before collection.

Display parameter Weight and volume of collection, duration of collection Previous
collection records


Maximum volume of blood that is to be collected can be set according to preference. n


= Pan for continuous agitation of blood at 10 RPM during donation to avoid blood

= Tube stopper automatically stops blood collection by clamping the tubing at the end
of pre-selected set volume.

« Automatically release of clamps when bag is lifted at the end of pre-selected set

« Suitable forall types of bags,

« Powder Coated Power coating for scratch and corrosion resistance.



MI & gm while collection

With 50 ml increment

00.00(min: sec)

3.2″ TFT touch collection display

Audio visual alarm at the end of collection
Audio visual alarm during high/low flow rate
170-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1.5 Amp

5kg approx


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