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Introducing the donor couch for safety and comfort of the donor and convenience of the technician. Aesthetically designed with focus on
quality, safety and hygiene. Intelligently designed and proven to reduce incidence of vasovagal attack associated with blood donation.

Superior Design position can be shifted to shock position within 10 seconds of actuation. Single profile construction enables the donor profile to be maintained unchanged during conversion to “shock position”, ensuring minimal discomfort to the donor. the wedge shaped armrest promotes comfortable venipuncture facilitating optimal blood flow. A Large resting surface enables comfortable seating and long foot section for easy foot support for taller donors.

Safety the unique position of the foot during donation ensures adequate blood supply to the head consistent with the hemodynamic of the
human body to minimize the incidence of ”vasovagal attack” .controlling buttons on the remote are logically placed and does not confuse.

High stability ensures no tipping over up to 150 kgs. Provision for all devices and accessories required for blood donation and height
adjustment of the couch ensure safety from RSK Repetitive strain injuries} for staff.

HYGIENE single profile construction ensures that all surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. The upholstery is not stitched and don’t provide any opportunity for moisture or liquids to lodge. Smooth, dirt resistant design of the remote without any sharp edges or dirt traps in the construction. Accessories trays can be removed for easy cleaning

Facility for blood collection from both sides Tilt adjustment can be done Manually

Contoured for better spine support, increases donor comfort and safety

High grade Fiber Reinforced Polymer Body on Steel frame


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